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Wednesday, 08 March 2017 19:37

Of Women and Leadership

“Everyday women in leadership are changing the face of governance, politics, business and society against all odds. Every day they contend with the twin demons of discouragement and despair but everyday they defeat these demons and emerge stronger.” I love the month of March. It is the month when the whole world focuses on
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Women and ladies within the active sex group appear to have swapped the initiators’ role with their male counterparts. The surge in sex drive and the attendant rise in sex toys business is attracting attention and concern.Investigations by The Neighbourhood have shown that this growing trend cuts across women of all classes. It was
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Tuesday, 01 November 2016 13:07

Capacity Building For Nigerian Women

The recent development in the polity regarding the controversy on the role of Nigerian women in leadership has generated various interests and thoughts to explore measures towards women emancipation. These concerns are borne out of necessity to facilitate an environment to breed transformational generation of women for a better Nigeria. The
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Thursday, 20 October 2016 14:09

Aisha Buhari as a Metaphor

Let me start this piece by narrating a story I read somewhere about a certain three-year old boy whose father was the President of their country. Let’s call this boy John. One day the country was celebrating an important anniversary. Many citizens lined up the route through which the President was being driven in an open jeep, at an
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Let us tell ourselves the truth, we are all witnesses, culprits, or victims of violence against women and girls. Be it a father abusing the daughter sexually, a husband physically or verbally abusing the wife, a son abusing his mother or girlfriend physically, psychologically, or sexually, or a brother abusing his girlfriend or wife, or even our
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Archaic Laws/Legislative Items Begging For Attention: There are numerous archaic Acts of the Federation and Laws of the States begging for legislative attention as it concerns their amendments or repealing. There are also hundreds of new legislative items waiting to be legislated into law for improved order and good governance of the country or
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