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Monday, 20 January 2014 12:34

Rivers: Teenager gang raped, forced to wash private part crying

Written by Bekee Anyalewechi
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Rivers: Teenager ganged raped, forced to wash private part cryingThey are in the employment of His Royal Highness Reuben Z Amos, Onu-Oyan Ekein, Perka XI, of Degema in Degema local government area of Rivers State. They form a pool of royal, specialist guards assigned to protect the paramount ruler and his palace. Ikpilavi, aka Pa-jah, Johnson Culler, known also as Bullet and Odukne Raphael Iselema belong to this rare class of untouchable breed and so, enjoy ‘immunity’. The trio is part of Palace Boys, who according to sources in Degema, enjoy the protection of the traditional ruler. In Degema, as our reporter discovered, the Palace Boys are their own law, and judge their own case. The police have no space in their diction and anybody who dares question their actions would be exposed to huge risk. In short, Palace Boys are dreaded all around Degema. Many who spoke to our reporter in Degema in the course of investigations did so amidst fear and condition of strict anonymity.  

Pa-jah, Bullet and Odukne count themselves among human beings but a close scrutiny show them as only with two legs better than wild beasts, animals created in the lowest rung of intelligence and decorum. As far as the three are concerned, their manhood is nothing but weapon of mass destruction, potent, uncontrollable and sharpened to destroy married women, ladies and toddlers who cross their path. If a target declines to grant their too often hunt for free sex, such a ‘stubborn’ lady is forced to submission. The trio don’t hide it, and even boast of their potency and ability to shoot without missing.

On December 24, 21013 the three were at ‘work’, raping a 15-year old by the roadside, and when done in that evil exploit, commandeered the weeping teenager to wash her private part with water one of them fetched from the residence of the traditional ruler, to conceal any trace of their satanic act. They watched her do so, smiling at their victim. While the girl cried in agony of their abuse of her chastity and virtue, the three eulogised the ‘bravery’ of their scrotum, exchanging banters. Today, the teenager who is in the Senior Secondary School Class One in one of the secondary schools in Degema, carries injuries in her private, according to a doctor’s report from the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, UPTH, dated 28th December, 2013.

Ivi-osuo(not real name for her protection) had on the night of December 24, 2013 left her sick mother’s house to visit her grandmother. The distance was not like the mountain going to Mohammed. But she needed go through a bushy track by the palace of the Onu-Oyan Ekein. Ivi-osuo made her way gaily since it was Christmas Eve. As there were other people walking by the tarred road side a few meters away, Ivi-osuo felt secured. It turned out her sin! The sin was that she preferred the bush track since it would make her journey shorter. But that turned out her error! By the time she negotiated the front-side of the palace, to head to her granny’s, the chapter to her sorrowful and tragic story opened. Pa-jah, Bullet and Odukne lay ambush, and like starved beasts, waiting for an unfortunate game, pounced on the 15 year-old, to devour and abuse her treasure. It was done at gun point, our reporter gathered in Degema.

Soon as they sighted Ivi-osuo their manhood began to salivate in endless appetite, dripping mucus orgy of sexual rendezvous. The next action came in the mould of a command from an emperor as Pa-jah thundered a command that cascaded cold ripples of distress through their victim’s six senses. Fear took over the girl whose mind soon ran fast to a picture of a worst nightmare. Her fear was not far as the young men soon went for her breasts as a play-thing. Her resistance meant nothing to them as they soon dragged her to a corner shielded by disused vehicle. Their manhood, already commissioned to go for a kill, was shooting out in frenzied turgidity to strike. 

To calm her panting heart and tears, they told her not to bother as they would take her only once, apiece. When their ‘plea’ would not work as the girl struggled with them, Pa-jah reportedly pulled out two guns allegedly threatening they would ‘waste’ her if she uttered any further cry. In a twinkle, her pants were in the bush, turn into shreds. The beasts in them climbed to its peak as they pinned her to the ground. Our reporter’s investigations revealed that Bullet was the first to ‘fire’ his libidinous bullets while the other two kept watch, holding Ivi-Osuo’s legs wide apart as much as they could.

Done, the rest two took their turns, leaving Ivi-Osuo in blood, humiliated and exposed. Of the three, our reporter gathered, Pa-jah’s earlier sex demands had been turned down by Ivi-Osuo, so for him, the night’s episode was a sweet revenge; good ending to a long plot of debauchery.

The police in Degema wadded into the matter and have charged the matter to court. But the victim and her family are afraid a ‘big man’ would influence the court. The paramount ruler, whom reports revealed had unsuccessfully offered the Divisional Police Officer, DPO, in Degema N200,000 bribe to kill the matter and release the young men to him, has been fingered as working to cause the accused evade justice. The Degema Customary Court, it was gathered, had earlier adjourned the matter until Tuesday, January 14 for further hearing only to make a twist, it was learnt, on the demand of the paramount ruler, to an earlier date of Friday, January 10. Neither Mr. Clement Siebo, father of the gang-rape victim nor any member of the victim’s family was in court. It was on same day that the three accused received bail under what are now questionable circumstances. The case adjourned until February 26. 

At ten Rivers State Police Command Headquarters Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Ahmad Mohamed, had told our reporter that the matter had been transferred to the State Criminal Investigations Department, SCID, for further investigations. However, our reporter’s checks at the SCID revealed no records of such a matter exited in the registry. 

Meanwhile, the Degema Concerned Citizens Association has condemned in strong terms, recent anti-social activities in the community, especially the alleged implication of the royal throne in such and related matters. The group has therefore, called on His Royal Highness Chief Reuben Z Amos, to distance himself and the throne from persons with questionable character.

The spoke person of the Association, Mr. Amaks Daniels, who claimed to be of the ruling royal family, said the present issues of crime related to firearms and rape by the Palace Boys under the paramount ruler were disturbing, and demanded that respect be given the sanctity of the stool. Daniels described as “unacceptable and condemnable” the actions of the so-called Palace Boys.

In a meeting in Port Harcourt, DCCA called on Chief Amos to give respect and to sanctity to the stool.

Speaking also, Mr. Ezeagen Ekein-Ogina called on the police never to allow themselves to be influenced by “powers that” be in their arrest and investigations over the recent matter. However, the Association condemned the way and manner the Palace Boys allegedly in possession of firearms now terrorise the people, raping and committing atrocities with impunity in the name of being palace boys under the cover of the Royal Highness. 

“Again the recent alleged gang raping of a small girl by three Palace Boys at gun point in front of the palace is a sacrilege. Such an act is a great crime of concern and condemnable.” Ekein-Ogina commended the prompt arrest of the three Palace rapists by the police, He, however, frowned at the quick, express and easy bail granted the rapists by the Degema Customary Court, saying it was worrisome to the community.

“These boys were granted bail, and today they are moving freely in the land with their shoulders high, causing more threat to defenceless citizens. We call on all relevant authorities to intervene over the recent happenings in Degema.”

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