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Wednesday, 04 January 2017 12:27

President Buhari needs faith-based organizations to fight corruption - Islamic leader

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President Muhammadu Buhari President Muhammadu Buhari Credits: File copy

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I, Dr. Haroun Ogbonnia Ajah, Chairman, Board of Trustees of the Interfaith Patriots For Peace Initiative, a non-governmental, not for profit and non political organization, do firmly and solemnly in support of the present government anti corruption war under President Muhammad Buhari, wish to make the following press statements:
1. Since Nigeria's independence from the British in 1960 corruption has been a great enemy in our development, unity and progress. This endemic enemy called corruption has caused us the failure of the first republic that invited the military dictatorship. It also caused the failure of the second, third and subsequent republics with its abrasive military leaderships.

2. We as group of like minds saw the fight against corruption by the present administration under President Muhammad Buhari as a matter that cannot be left for the government alone. We want a great Nigeria with rapid development and devoid of corruption. A united Nigeria with progressive great potentials.

3. In other to achieve these objectives, there is need that the fight against corruption should go down the grassroots. Therefore, the Interfaith Patriots For Peace Initiative wish to collaborate with the Anti - Corruption Grassroots Foundation to ensure that people at the grassroots will start seeing reason to respect the government and have regards for people because of their honesty, decency, credibility and dignity. People should not be valued because of their personal wealth if we must evolve credible leadership and good governance at the local government, community and grassroots levels.

4. There is need to take the anti corruption campaign to the villages, make places, public offices and to the Churches and Mosques. It is clear that the only way corruption can be minimized is for those who like the society and government to come together in assisting the government at all levels and their agencies in the fight against corruption.

5. Faith-based organizations shall develop blue print for better interfaith responses to corruption and fight against immoral values and social vices in line with the federal government national re-orientation campaign “Change Begins With Me” of President Muhammad Buhari's administration. Interfaith platform must be able to make contributions for the respect of our nationalism, enhance our national security and the revitalization of the Nigerian economic downturn. The faith-based organizations and interfaith platform shall deem it necessary and also muster the courage to initiate, sponsor and embark on campaigns for the change in Nigerian attitudes and values.

6. The Presidential Committee on the reconstitution of federal government boards of parastatals, agencies and commissions under the chairmanship of the Vice president Prof. Yemi Osinbajo must hasten up its assignments and ensure also that only people with integrity, unquestionably character and clean records are appointed to serve the government to reflect the zero level tolerance for corruption posture of President Muhammad Buhari in his salvage mission for Nigeria. We salute the capacity of the vice president Prof. Osinbajo in service and governance for such achievement and performance.

7. The anti - graft war of President Muhammad Buhari is real and actions and measures must be taken to correct the past mistakes and punish the culprits too. Therefore, it is expected that all Nigerians shall work hard in support of the president Muhammad Buhari’s administration to eradicate or minimize corrupt activities and corruption for the benefit of Nigeria and Nigerians. This is a clarion call and a task that must be done for our development and stability.
Dr. Haroun O. Ajah
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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