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MosquitoMalaria, a kind of infection, has killed many people in this world. The typical symptom is high fever, cold, with consciousness problems, which happens after being bitten by mosquitoes. The plasmodium (parasite) which causes malaria goes into the human body from the mosquito and then it breaks human bodies’ rd blood cells. Later, it goes into the brain through the blood vessel. Malaria is a terminal disease. For hundreds of years, malaria has brought terrible disaster to African people.

How to treat malaria

There are many malaria products or medicines, but clinical tests show that because of the variety of plasmodium antigen, many medicines will have no result in this condition. After taking certain medicine for several times, the plasmodium is familiar with the medicine, which is anti-medicine, so there is no sure treatment even if we spend a big deal of money.

Taking these medicines time after time, our important tissues, especially liver and kidney will be destroyed by the medicine because of the remnant medicine in kidney and liver. The more we use these medicines, the more remnants there will be in our body system, and the more like it will destroy our tissues.

These medicines, after being taken, will stimulate the excretion of insulin, which will cause low blood sugar. Without enough blood sugar in the body system it will be difficult to fight against malaria.

Due to the inadequacies discovered in these malaria medicines, it is lily that our body will be vulnerable to malaria attack. That is why after treatment with these malaria medicines the parasites still does not live the body completely and the person falls ill again and again and again.

Qinghao, whose main ingredient is artemisinin, with the molecular formula of C15H22O5, is the most effective medicine to treat malaria disease by World Health Organisation.

The main function is as follows:

Plasmodium will not have the property of ant-medicine, which means the treatment will be very good. Qinghao has no side effect hence it will not destroy our liver and kidney tissue as many other medicines do. Besides, Qinghao will never cause low blood sugar. Then, our body system will have enough energy to fight against malaria.

Qinghao boost our body immune system. It can enhance the function of lymphocyte (white blood cell), as well as the immune function. It can stop interleukin (release by the white blood cell that can cause inflammation) from releasing. The possibility of contracting malaria will drastically reduce after using it several times.

Other advantages of Qinghao

Not only can Qinghao cure malaria infection, it also has many other functions as follows:

Qinghao helps fight against illnesses arising from heatstroke and normalizes the body temperature of people who easily get irritated due to high temperature.

Qinghao can conveniently take care of feverish conditions since it has the capacity to drop out body temperature to 37 degree.

Qinghao can restrain the growth of staphylococcus aureus, which can cause sore throat together with other ailments. It can also restrain pneumonia which is caused by bacterial known as bacillus aeruginosus. Diarrhea which is caused by bacteria known as bacillus dysentariae can also be neutralized by Qinghao.

Administration and dosage

Two capsules as a single dose at the time of initial diagnosis, another two capsules 6 hours later, after 24 hours take two capsules and 48 hours later, take the final two capsules. The oral dose may be taken with water.

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