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The blood of the martyr - A tribute to a Gospel hero and gallant soldier of Christ Featured

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Late Deaconess Mojisola Eunice Olawale who was slain by suspected Islamic devotees in Abuja. Late Deaconess Mojisola Eunice Olawale who was slain by suspected Islamic devotees in Abuja. Credits: Facebook.com

When I first came to Abuja in 2003, I recalled showing up at your doorstep and told you that God asked me to come and settle in Abuja. You said you were going to tell your husband (Pastor Olawale Elisha).

That was the beginning of my sojourn in Abuja.

You and Pastor gave me a room in your 2-bedroom apartment. Through your family support, I was able to attend RBC Bible School where I graduated with honours. Then we moved to your family building at Gbazango West Kubwa, the area that later became the scene of your killing.

Your first son, Michael, was my Bible bearer on my wedding day. You and daddy gave me money to rent my own apartment in 2007 in preparation for my wedding. You gave me money to buy my first sofa in Abuja. You always and fondly called “Apostle Oko Tunrayo” (Tunrayo's husband).

A smiling, prayerful and discerning woman of God, she lived a life of simplicity, given to fasting, prayer, Bible study. Many did not even know we are not related. It was through you I got connected to your hubby, who accepted me like his own blood brother.

How can I forget the dimples on your cheek when you smiled?

How can forget your teachable spirit?

How can I forget your contribution when discussing spiritual matters?

How can I forget your submissiveness to your husband?

How can I forget your industrious mind?

You recently gave me a finely, embroidered brown native clothing from your garment industry in one of my recent trips to Abuja.

We love you and we know your last breath here is your first there at the feet of the Master,
Who you witnessed for till the last moment.

Sun re ooo!

Mama Jessica, Michael, Modupe(General), Ini, Janet, Bishop(Emmanuel)

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