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A Nigerian resident in Awka, Anambra State, Walter Emeka Dinjos, has been officially announced as a winner in the Writers of the Future Contest. The Nigerian came second behind Doug Souza from California. The other winner is Stephen Lawson from Kentucky, USA. The contest, one of the most prestigious writing competitions, is in its 33rd
There had not been such illnesses in the history of Konto Community, a history spanning over one thousand five hundred centuries, as it was experiencing in recent times. The community was rife with acute bronchitis, asthma attacks, and other respiratory illnesses. Apart from these illnesses, unpredictable rainfalls were everyday occurrence
Lecture presented at the University of Nigeria By Dakuku Adol Peterside, Ph.D IntroductionI am most grateful to the Department of Management and the authority of this great university for their kindness to invite me to deliver this lecture, even when I am not privileged to be "a Lion". Returning to the university campus to
Title: Lagos Water Crisis: Alternative roadmap for public water sector Publishers: Environmental Rights Action/Friends of the Earth-NigeriaDate: October 2016Pages: 56Reviewer: Chido OnumahFavour, 15, and her four siblings live with their parents in a two-room apartment in Bariga, a suburb formerly under Somolu Local Government Area of
She was twelve and happy.Her parents had just changed her school to a better one and she was excited. The school demanded for a recent passport photograph and that was what she set out to get.She ran two flights up the shopping complex, never had the patience to walk on any staircase. She either ran or jumped as is expected from a twelve
The word pot-valiant means any person that can only do something in an excellent manner because he or she is under influence of alcohol, whereas the word journeyman means a good performer in any given field. I have used these two words in this essay out of the musings and personal reflections I have about the article that was published in 
IntroductionProtocolsLet me begin by thanking the organizers of this lecture for finding me fit to deliver the keynote Address at this year’s event. It is anhonour well appreciated and I hope that at the end of the day I would have been able to justify the honour you have reposed in me.The topic I was given to speak on is
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September (not) to remember

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It was the first day of September. Nike adjusted the collar of Kola's white shirt and gently touched the golden tie clip with a diamond stud. She looked up into his eyes – full of fear and anxiety. She understood his fear. For seven years, the love of her life has being trying to strike a deal with the Russians. Each proposal was turned
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The Igbos: Why are they still Biafrans?

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In his latest book entitled, We Are All Biafrans, Chido Onumah offers a very powerful discourse of Nigeria by imposing on the observable claims of marginalisation by every other group against the Nigerian State the metaphor of Biafranism. Every other group is selling that narrative about its own place in the Nigerian set up. In other words, they
The reason why the media in Kenya has been always negatively reporting traditional circumcision is not known. Maybe it is out of our sheer cosmetic disposition or illiteracy in literature and anthropology about the cult of male circumcision. So far no one knows why the local media in Kenya has remained un-supportive to the cult, hence a premise
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