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Wednesday, 04 November 2015 19:00

Port Harcourt tragedy: Teenager falls from 2-storey while talking with lover

Written by Emma Owhondah
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A teenage girl on Tuesday had a deadly fall from a 2-storey building while discussing with her love. The incident which happened at about 8.00pm on the fateful day at the Rumukrushi, Port Harcourt residence of the family, has left the family traumatised as the father battles to save her life. The girl’s mother, currently out of the country, was only informed through the telephone.

A family source disclosed that the girl, about 15 years old, and had sat for the Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination earlier this year, had walked out of the family’s main building to the 2-storey complex still under construction located a few meters away. For long, nobody actually took notice of his absence until a family member who decided to take a walk round the property before the family’s bedtime prayer heard a cranky sound by the uncompleted building. Gripped by fear and anxiety, she chose to draw closer when what she heard sounded more as a human voice.

What she saw left her speechless. The girl was almost lifeless, her pelvic bone shattered, some of her teeth fallen off while some got broken. The alarm raised by the lady attracted other members of the family who quick y assisted to carry her first to the house. As she could not talk, the first instinct was to save her life. Joined now by the father, the family dashed off to the hospital.

They first stopped at a private medical facility. The hospital rejected her claiming lack roper facility. But it was later learnt that their refusal was due to her condition.
Their next step was to take her to the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, UPTH, where she was admitted. Doctors who examined her confirmed the severity of her injuries – broken left pelvic bone, broken teeth with some completely fallen off.

But for a scroll of her GSM handset said to have been bought for her by her mother, against the advice of their father who had placed ban on the use of handset by the teenagers, the mystery of what took her to the uncompleted building at such an unholy hour would still remain unresolved.

The family member who had picked her GSM handset hidden inside her pants was the first to untangle the mystery. She had climbed the storey building away from the ears of family  members to have a chat with her lover. Who, as revealed by a WhatsApp message found in the phone, had had carnal knowledge of her few days past. The telephone also revealed the rotten record of the teenager’s life. Several naked photos, that included human genitals, were seen in her phone. They were conversations between her and the lover.

The father, who is a member of the clergy, still in shock, however, has moved her to another facility for what a family source, said was for better orthopaedic treatment. “Her bones are in terrible condition and leaving her at UPTH will mean condemning her to future pains,” the source disclosed.

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