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Thursday, 19 January 2017 06:11

S-h-o-c-k-e-r: Women take lead in demand for sex Featured

Written by Kelechi Esogwa-Amadi
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Women and ladies within the active sex group appear to have swapped the initiators’ role with their male counterparts. The surge in sex drive and the attendant rise in sex toys business is attracting attention and concern.

Investigations by The Neighbourhood have shown that this growing trend cuts across women of all classes. It was discovered that while some of the women boldly express this high sexual urge more openly, others prefer to conceal their appetite. In Port Harcourt, apart from commercial sex hawkers who often besiege red zones in the capital city, many young girls have been found to be active.

A number of men interviewed by The Neighbourhood confirmed that there is a higher demand for sex by Nigerian women in recent times, attributing this to a number of factors ranging from poverty, hunger, influence of pornographic movies and magazines, indiscriminate display of immoral acts in today’s music videos and home movies, including Nollywood, as well as increased intake of sex enhancement drugs.

In the course of investigations, it was discovered that higher/regular intake of sex enhancement drugs, influence of pornographic movies and constant eating of high calorie foods some of which are referred to as junks, are the major factors responsible for this growing trend of high demand of sex by Nigerian women.  

According to the National Bureau of Statistics, there is a 17% increase in the use of female contraceptives by women of sexually active age. The growth is when compared to the rate in 2015.

Some men interviewed by The Neighbourhood shared the various experiences they had when they encountered some of these women who make indiscriminate demand for sex.

One Port Harcourt resident narrated how a lady approached him on the lobby of a hotel in Abuja. The man had lodged in the hotel in the Wuse 11 area during an official duty.

According to him, a lady he never knew walked up to him and begged him to take him to his room for “some rounds of sex”.

The man, who hesitated, got another shock from the sex-crazy lady. She promised to go get condemn for the Port Harcourt guy if that was all he needed to grant her request. But he said he politely discharged her by telling her that he was not interested.

Another man also recalled how he was approached by one lady at a popular Bus Terminus Port Harcourt.

Another ‘victim’ of this trend told The Neighbourhood how a woman approached him at a popular Bus Terminus in Port Harcourt. Her request was that the man should take to any conducive place and make love to her so that she could take in and get a child that would look like the man. Of course, her request was turned down.

Why today’s women would be bold enough to approach men to beg for sex and why the demand is increasing on daily basis is one mystery our investigation hopes to resolve.

More details will come up in our next edition.

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