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Tuesday, 27 December 2016 13:46

When a man preaches change but desires share, the Marvin Ogbonda style

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Good morning, @Marvin Ogbonda! Hope you've been feeling great since you took to Facebook to sermonise around Mrs. Ibim Semenitari and revealed how much you hate change which your party preaches? My decision to respond to you is on the strength of who Semenitari is; her mission in the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, and your ignorance of such. I’ve equally chosen to give back this short reply because you deliberately tagged me in that your treatise, I'm persuaded, because you wanted me to see the contents of your thesis on Semenitari whom you well know to be my principal. Thanks so much!

Let me first debrief you. I have nothing against your disenchantment with your party and its leadership in Rivers State. I also bear no grouse against your quest to make your party begin the new year soaked in the alcohol of disunity. This is not my essence in this response.

I was amused to read your commentary on the gracious appointment of Mrs. Semenitari by President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, to serve the Niger Delta people, specifically, and Nigeria at large. Amused that you reduced such huge task to a party geography. You attempted to draw a party compass from a tangent too remote and too forlorn to an appointment carved to redeem an entire region from the “It’s our turn to chop” baseline that left NDDC sucked, ravished and vegetative for 16 whole years. I got amused the more that while you shouted your refrain, “APC! Change!!” in public, in private, you nursed, “APC! Share!!” Such is the hypocrite's way!

Your piece reminded of the erroneous pathway of the typical Nigerian. He desires a Quantum leap to the value of the Naira but would not cultivate the land or produce goods. That is the irony of the Nigerian fate!

Dear Ogbonda, Mrs. Semenitari is a member of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in Rivers State and doubtlessly, one of its leaders. I hold no brief for no other, neither am I enchanted by any other. You would agree with me that Mrs. Semenitari executes her duties whether in an official duty line or as a private citizen with the zeal and strength of a trailblazer. Permit me to refresh your memory and share another I’m sure you never knew.

Semenitari served as the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Communications under Mr. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi from 2007 to 2015. Amaechi’s persecutions, the stories of his courage to confront a bestial Federal regime determined to smoke him out, was told far and near. Sympathy and fame soon came his way as succour. For your reminder, it was Semenitari who built that mystery and shape around Amaechi using the media. To the glory of God, today, the rest is history.

I would have told you the story of PMB and Semenitari and how their paths crossed during the presidential hustling for votes in 2015 but at the last moment, I chose to refrain myself.

As Ag. Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of NDDC, Mrs. Semenitari had a presidential mandate. President Buhari had handed her the owhor(staff) of change which demands strict walk in the President’s true change agenda. It required practical actions that abhorred stealing of public funds. Buhari did not give Semenitari a mantra of change, a mere campaign instrument. So, Semenitari was on practical assignment to remedy the tragedy that was NDDC. And gracefully, she delivered. Ask the man who appointed her. So, to list her glorious outing as “catastrophic disadvantage to the Rivers APC and a massive waste of positional value” is as inglorious as the past regime that ruined NDDC, rendered Niger Delta comatose and packaged Nigeria in a pariah sack.

I shall return.

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