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Devon Business Announcements

The Neighborhood Business News brings you Devon business announcements as part of a new online business news venture. Our company looks to provide interesting business information and announcements in and around Plymouth.

The business announcements that we make include Devon businesses as well as other Southwest company new stories.

Here are the latest high profile business announcements that we want highlight on our main page: –

Bespoke SEO Agency Lead by Digital Guru in Exeter


Bespoke SEO Agency Lead by Digital Guru in Exeter

Who determines what ranks at the top during a Google search? It’s a question that many businesses consider, as it massively affects the conversion rate. Ranking on a search engine’s first page will help businesses to appear more professional and will put them in front of many more people. In fact, it will put them in front of exactly the types of people that are searching for that kind of business – which is pretty handy really! But the biggest struggle for businesses is to actually get onto that first page without using the whole of their marketing budget.

Chris Cantell, founder and director of Stealth SEO Solutions has worked meticulously for the past 15 years to build up a solid foundation and training for individuals and businesses who aim to understand the complexities of search engine optimization. His latest training course – SEO Breakthrough, helps SEO agencies to determine how to make use of algorithms and changing keyword metrics to help them push websites onto page 1.

Mr. Cantell already has a global customer base across the UK, U.S., Canada, and Australia and has seen a ton of success over the years. However, he’s now decided to focus his attentions on his local area.

“I believe it’s time to give something back to my own community. There are hundreds of small businesses around me that struggle every day as they just don’t have the manpower or funds for advertising. Search Engine Optimisation can really help with that and won’t cost the earth. I really hope to be part of making this community stronger and more resilient to the changes and developments in the technological world.”

Chris aims to educate organizations on their SEO and how it can massively affect the effectiveness of their advertising. Stealth SEO Solutions provides sound SEO strategies for businesses on a personal level. He says, “The best thing about Stealth is that we are a tight-knit, in-house team. There’s no outsourcing to 3rd parties or freelancers. This allows us to give fully personalized service and really get to know each of our clients and their intentions for the future of their business. This, in turn, helps us develop quality websites.”

Developing a website is at the top of most business owner’s ‘to-do’ lists. Unfortunately, this can mean that the job is rushed. While developers can make a website look amazing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it can be found easily on a search engine, which makes all the costs and effort a little futile.

Stealth SEO Solutions will build a great looking website from the ground up, making it not only look perfect and in keeping with your brand image, but optimizing each page to help you get onto that all-important page 1.

Most websites built be standard web designers will only rate around 50 out of 100 in the Google Pages Speed Insights. This means that, although the website does the job visually, it’s actually not getting found by many people, so the traffic is much lower than it could be. Increasing the effectiveness of the website may mean deconstructing and rebuilding, which unfortunately, could result in massive costs from a marketing budget.

Chris’ highly skilled team is passionate about building websites that score in the 90s from day one, without any reworking or expensive rebuilding, which is a much more cost-effective method of growing organic traffic.

“Our dream is to become the one-stop-shop for businesses in the local area looking for SEO as well as to optimize their web content and help to grow their customer base. Developing an SEO friendly website has a huge return on investment in comparison to standard web developer sites and can mean that businesses don’t need to foot a huge bill later.”

To check how a website scores on Google, simply type ‘Google Pages Speed Insights’ into the Google search bar and provide the URL. For a more in-depth look at how your website could be optimized for search engines to increase your organic traffic, visit Stealth SEO Solutions and speak to one of the resident SEO experts.

For more information contact: Stealth SEO Solutions

Address: The Mount, 72 Paris Street, Exeter, EX1 2JY

Telephone Number: 01392 920029

Large Maritime Technology Company Announces Its Move To set up at Plymouth’s Oceansgate Freeport

14th April 2021

The £14.3 million Oceansgate development in Plymouth has now become the home of , a large maritime tech company. The Oceansgate development in Plymouth is now part of the city’s Freeport area.

In recent months, Plymouth has been awarded a Freeport status. This means that there are major tax incentives for trade for Plymouth. As a result, there is huge strategic business reasons for businesses to relocate to such areas. Jet Engineering Systems is one of those companies that has moved to its new officers at Endeavor House in the Plymouth Freezone.

This is a major move for the company to deploy its maritime 5G mash connectivity across the Southwest and the South Coast.

James Thomas, the chief executive at Jet engineering systems said “We are delighted to be making Plymouth our next hub for developing the partnerships with other high-technology marine organizations where together we will accelerate the roll out of maritime 5G connectivity and the associated applications,”

The strategic move could mean big things for the company. Mr. Thomas went on to say “There is no doubt that Plymouth is driving future national and international maritime technology outcomes in areas such as autonomy and smart ports when organisations like the Marine Business Technology Centre (MBTC) and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) provide such effective support to ambitious companies like us. We look forward to making a positive impact and bringing more jobs to the South West.”

Plymouth City Council made an announcement saying that it was a pleasure to welcome the company to Plymouth.

Jet Engineering Systems deploys a range of 5G enabled buoys that in itself form a product line that are part of the government-funded 5G Dorset initiative for 2021. The company is making major steps forward in maritime technology, and they are also taken advantage of the government’s initiative to enable the United Kingdom to be at the forefront of technology as a world leader in its class.


Major opportunity for business as the new co-working space is going to open at Plymouth’s waterside location

7th April 2021

Royal William yard that is situated in Plymouth is undergoing a vast scheme that will offer co-working space as well as private office accommodation for businesses that want to work in this amazing location. The premises will also include a café.

The new accommodation is called Block. Block is a business brand that is owned and parts of The Cheriton Group that is based just behind Pynes Hill business center in Exeter. As soon as the new Block business center has opened as part of the first phase, future phases are planned to follow. These include fitness and events facilities.

The construction of this project has been designed by award-winning RIBA architect firm, Gillespie Yunnie Architects. The initiative and project is a first of its kind for Plymouth according to commercial director of Urban Splash, Emily Handslip. She said in a recent announcement, “Plymouth has nothing like this and we are delighted to bring such an incredible new space to Royal William Yard. BLOCK completes the picture; from hot-desking and coworking, right through to individual premises and large corporate HQs, we now offer space for every type of business at Royal William Yard.

“Standing proud at the centre of the Yard, Melville is an incredible building and we have always had a clear vision and high hopes for it. We have now exchanged on over 55 percent of commercial space available in Melville and expect to have some more exciting announcements to follow soon.”

This whole enterprise is an exciting prospect for Plymouth, and the businesses that take up this opportunity will have an enviable location for business as well as the facilities that will be available right within the location and its surroundings.

Ronseal closes Plymouth Based factory

6th October 2020

Ronseal, makers of wood stain and would vanish are set to close its Plymouth based factory.

The company that has become famous for the slogan “it does what it says on the tin”, is moving lock stock and barrel to a new headquarters that is based at Thorncliffe Park, Chapeltown in Sheffield.

Ronseal is owned by Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands Ltd. It announced that the company needed to become more efficient and profitable due to its loss last year of around £1.9 million.

Julie S. Young, global corporate communications vice president said “This decision was not easily made and in no way reflects the dedication or performance of the employees at the Plymouth facility.”

Sherwin-Williams Diversified Brands Ltd is part of the Sherwin-Williams Company whose headquarters is in Cleveland, Ohio. The company has announced its turnover in 2019 to be an impressive $17.9 billion.

In 1997, the Corporation purchased Ronseal. In 2018, the company made a profit. However, the company’s turnover dropped in 2019 as a result of bad weather.

The company had done a number of strategic moves during the challenging period, however, it had to consider its loss in recent months and address the issue. As a result, the company is moving to Sheffield to strengthen its position in a competitive market and to streamline efficiency and profitability.

All this is a blow for Plymouth, but a great promise for Sheffield and the north as the company is committed to its success and profitability within this market.

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