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About Us


We are a media company focused on business news announcements in cities all around the United States. As a media firm, we are dedicated to airing successful stories of indigenous entrepreneurs. Although we started in January 2021, we have covered many business launches and growth, from startups to Fortune 500 companies.

At Neighbourhood Business News, we believe in accountability and integrity, and we research and report every story with our beliefs in our minds. It’s beyond just earning a profit or building a website for us; we are dedicated to sharing many executives, entrepreneurs, and businesses’ journeys with our followers.

Our website, theneighbourhoodonline.com, can be seamlessly navigated and has a friendly user interface. Even if you are a new-time user of our service, you will be impressed by the depth of our stories and the ease of access to many of our exclusive interviews and press releases. On our Homepage, you are quickly introduced to our most recent content. There is also a search button where you can input keywords to search for any of our stories.

You can also go through our catalogs and page sections to get specialized stories for different business categories like investment, bitcoin, real estate, finance, personal stories, and more. Perhaps, the most significant part of our service is the ‘reach us’ portal, where you can easily suggest stories or entrepreneurial events you would love our editors to explore.


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